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Bringing a more humanitarian approach to diversity & inclusion (D&I)

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Diversity is unavoidable. Inclusion is a choice. And inclusion is about much more than just “everyone’s welcome.”

After their time with Susan, your audience will be prepared and empowered to lead through compassion and achieve greater success because of it.


Susan McCuistion is a cultural practitioner and creator of Compassionate Diversity®, which integrates concepts from the fields of intercultural competence, emotional intelligence, leadership, science, and more into powerful tools for change.

"Susan is a very talented and passionate leader in Diversity and Inclusion. What I appreciated most about Susan was not only her expertise but passion and modeling of inclusion."

Lori Davis
Vice President of Human Resources

8 Reasons To Hire Susan

Everyone can do a program on diversity & inclusion; not everyone can draw the link between diversity & inclusion and every other problem in your business like Susan can. D&I is at the root of all your business challenges. She’ll help you see connections you’ve not seen before – connections to the business, on your teams, and even within your own perspectives. She’ll help you establish not only connections to the topic, but connections and communication on teams, decreasing conflict and building the cohesiveness necessary to drive innovation.

Do you have diversity fatigue? Are you sick of hearing and thinking about it? Susan provides a new, fresh perspective on a worn-out topic. If you think you’ve “been there, done that” with diversity & inclusion, inclusive leadership, and equity, Susan will not only challenge your age-old thinking about diversity & inclusion myths, she’ll also introduce you to a more inclusive and integrative approach through Compassionate Diversity®.

When you work with Susan you get access to 25 years in the field, multiple tools for assessment, and her extensive experience on four continents. Susan takes a developmental approach to the topic which means you learn what you need to learn when you need to learn it. Just like you can’t do calculus without learning basic math, algebra and trig before it, you can’t jump into certain D&I topics without first understanding the foundations. She also has broad experience in a variety of industries - technology, healthcare, finance, government agencies, and education - to name a few.

Susan has her Master of Science Degree in statistics and postgraduate studies in mathematics. Everything she does has a foundation in scientific research – from her theory, to the tools she uses, and her solutions. Inclusive leadership developed through Compassionate Diversity® isn’t a soft skill. It’s a necessary component to delivering measurable results in your business.

Shuffling everyone through the same old topics and having the same old conversations doesn’t work. We’ve talked about D&I long enough with very little measurable difference. Sure, there’s more awareness about particular topics, but awareness hasn’t created the results we all hoped for. In fact, in some places, those conversations have created more chaos than order. Susan will deliver solutions and systemic changes that stick. Your audience will get immediate, clear and actionable steps that they can take right away to make a real difference.

Tired of political correctness? Worried about offending others? We’ve all stepped in it from time to time, but how do we learn from it? Susan’s open and authentic style makes it easy to talk about those topics you’ve been afraid to talk about. She’ll challenge ideas about right and wrong, political correctness, and all those other sticky diversity issues you’ve been afraid to talk about with her clear, concise explanations.

Susan is a diversity and inclusion professional who practices what she preaches. In the inaugural online global summit she launched, she included experts from outside the field of D&I. Her Compassionate Diversity® approach integrates research and information from a variety of fields, including leadership, science, and emotional intelligence. She listens to different ideas to get a full picture of the range of perspectives. And she’ll bring this information to your audience in the way your audience needs it – adapting before and during her presentation to make sure your people get the information you want them to have.

Susan has a firm belief that we are all diverse, but we are not all included. By definition, “inclusion” means “everybody.” The focus on our teams and in our businesses needs to be on who is included and who is not – and sometimes, the answer might
surprise you. Susan will help you build the communication and understanding necessary to create the kind of workplace where your employees thrive.


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Featured Presentations and Workshops

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Our approach to Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is broken. We have done the same thing over and over for years, expecting better representation and more equitable treatment, all to no avail. In fact, many people still don't know exactly what D&I is.

We can’t fix the mess we’re in with a 2-hour training session. Creating a world which is truly more equitable for everyone is a process. It takes time and practice.

The 12 Steps to Diversity Recovery™ is for leaders who want to bring a more humanitarian and compassionate approach to D&I. In this talk, you’ll discover:

  • Real talk about some of the tough topics in diversity & inclusion.
  • Diversity Tough Love™ that sheds light on long-lived myths around D&I work.
  • The skills you need to lead more inclusive teams at work and in your communities.

Compassionate Diversity® is a comprehensive approach to seeing different perspectives, understanding others, and building bridges in understanding which incorporates both the head and the heart. We develop compassion and affect change through understanding what others truly need from their perspective–not what we think they need. This talk will help you have more productive and successful conversations using the three steps of the Compassionate Diversity® Solution Process: Comprehension, Connection, and Collaboration.

There seems to be a lot of rage in the world today. Society is very polarized, and we feel our individual security is threatened. Some of those threats are real, and some of them are imagined. We spend so much time fighting against things that we can be left feeling overloaded and exhausted. But when we feel threatened to our very core, what alternative do we have? Why not

#StandFor instead?

"Susan has the perfect combination of strategic business sense, process orientation and cultural insight. She is expert at embedding diversity and inclusion into solutions that empower people and produce amazing business results. If you are an executive dealing with a complex human capital issue, you want Susan on your team."

Lisa Markus
Managing Director

Susan has:

➡️ 25 years of human resources consulting, training, and outsourcing experience.

➡️ Designed and built D&I learning solutions and strategies for global organizations.

➡️ Developed and facilitated enterprise-wide cross-cultural competency training in North America, Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

➡️ Completed certification as a HeartMath® Resilience Facilitator and Coach (the secret sauce in Compassionate Diversity®!).

➡️ Presented at conferences and on webinars for The Conference Board, Human Capital Institute, and more.

➡️ Founded and hosted the innovative online conference, New Diversity Summit™, and is a #1 Bestselling Business Author.

➡️ An M.S. in Statistics from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Feedback from attendees at a client workshop in Minneapolis, MN:

"The class was great. We had a lot of good conversations and discussions within the small groups. The videos added a lot to the topics and getting me to think more broadly and differently. Thank you."

"I have learned so much! The info will help me as a leader. 'Assume positive intent.' Love it!"

"I *never* (ok rarely) give a perfect score! 😊"

"I appreciate my eyes being opened from my place of 'Minimization' and adding to the true benefit of 'Acceptance' and 'Adaptation.' Thank you!"


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