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A lot of companies have been there/done that with diversity training and still suffer from mismanaged teams, employee conflict, and communication missteps. Compassionate Diversity® helps teams manage through crisis and conflict while creating more cohesive and engaged teams.

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Diversity & Inclusion speaking engagements, coaching, and workshops that boost your ability to build, manage, and lead inclusive teams with compassion.

Even if you’re committed to diversity, you’re probably still struggling to attract and retain the best employees from a wide range of backgrounds. And you’re not alone. Fostering collaboration, engaging employees, and staying ahead of the competition are challenging leaders across industries—and you’re losing opportunities and employees because of it.

Everyone says that diversity programs aren’t effective and they’re right. One day workshops don’t fix anything. And no one will magically migrate to your organization and stay simply because you want a diverse team.

The answer lies in empowering your leaders and managers to implement inclusive practices.

Diversity is unavoidable. Inclusion is a choice.

And inclusion is about much more than just “everyone’s welcome.” It’s about leading with compassion, a skill that can be taught and when implemented consistently truly affects morale, recruiting, retention, and your bottom line. 

Compassion within businesses relieves stress and burnout.

Both the giving and receiving of compassion in the workplace decreases depression and negative feelings—like irritability and aggression—and increases creativity, performance, and productivity. As a result, people miss less work due to illness.

Compassion deepens connections to the organization and to each other.

When we care about each other and the work we do, we build better relationships at work, which leads to more commitment to the workplace. The end result is lower turnover and higher productivity and engagement.

Compassion leads to better financial results.

We all know the outcomes of more compassionate workplaces—fewer absences, lower healthcare costs, decreased turnover, and higher productivity—lead to better financial results.

"I understand your frustration...

I'm tired of cancel culture and political correctness, too. It feels like we've weaponized D&I with accusations of bias and privilege.

After nearly 25 years in the field of D&I, I have found that teaching it through the lens of compassion helps connect people and business in new and more meaningful ways."

- Susan McCuistion
daiOne, LLC

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We know you want to be a premiere employer. This means you've made diversity and inclusion one of your priorities. The problem is, you're just not getting the results you want from the changes you're making. You feel frustrated and ready to give up.

At daiOne, LLC, we believe not all approaches to D&I are created equally. While there have been a few adjustments here and there, diversity and inclusion tends to be taught the same way it has been for years—through logic and facts. A subject that is all about people is not taught in a way that actually connects with people. Traditional approaches teach to the head, not to the heart. 

This is where Compassionate Diversity® comes in. Compassionate Diversity® is a comprehensive approach to seeing different perspectives, understanding others, and building bridges in understanding which incorporates both the head and the heart. We develop compassion and affect change through understanding what others truly need from their perspective—not what we think they need.

So, take a minute to book a call with us now to see how Compassionate Diversity® can help you and your organization. In the meantime, learn more by downloading the "12 Steps to Diversity Recovery" by clicking on the button below.

Stop struggling with mismanaged, unengaged teams and instead build more inclusive and productive ones using compassion.

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Susan is the creator of Compassionate Diversity® and the author of the #1 international bestselling book, “The D Word: 12 Steps to Diversity Recovery.” She offers 25 years of Human Resources speaking, facilitating, coaching, and consulting experience.

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